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Sewer Billing & Rates

Each customer's City of San Diego sewer rate is made up of two parts.

The first part is the fixed monthly service charge (Base Fee). This fee is based on your customer class.

The second component of the sewer rate is the Sewer Service Charge, which is based on the amount and strength of the wastewater you discharge to the sewer system.

For an explanation of how the Sewer Service Charge is determined for single-family residential customers, please visit our Winter Monitoring information page. For multi-family customers, the Sewer Service Charge is determined each month based upon a percentage of how much water is used.

Sewer charges vary by customer class and have been developed to ensure that each class pays its proportionate share of operating, maintaining, repairing and upgrading the sewer system.

Current Wastewater Service Charges

To view current wastewater service charges, please select your customer class:

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