San Diego

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City-metered Sewage Flows, Imported Flows and Hauled Waste

  3/1/12 Rate*
Flow $/HCF WW** $3.8996
TSS $/lb $0.5710
COD $/lb $0.2321

* Rate applicable to contract customers and hauled waste customers. Base fee is included in rates above and not charged separately; cost to serve is based on metered wastewater flows and actual strengths.

** HCF (One Hundred Cubic Feet) = 748 Gallons.

Hauled Waste Rates / 1000 gallons

Rates/1000 gallons developed using the above unit rates plus regulatory oversight factor.

  3/1/12 Rate
Domestic Wastes $78.66
Industrial Wastes $16.65

Sludge: Sludge is billed at the industrial rate plus a separate strength surcharge.

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