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Sewer Spill Reduction Program

To report a sewer spill or bad sewer odor, immediately call (619) 515-3525. Contact information for other sewer-related matters is available.

In 2001, the City of San Diego embarked on an aggressive Sewer Spill Reduction Program. The key elements of this program included cleaning all 3,000 miles of the Municipal Sewerage System by 2004 and developing a system-wide cleaning schedule; televising and assessing the condition of more than 1,200 miles of the oldest and most problematic sewer lines in the system; and increasing the number of miles of sewer lines replaced or rehabilitated from 15 miles per year to 45 miles per year.

The results of this program are dramatic. From 365 sewer spills in 2000, the number of spills in all of 2007 dropped to only 77 - a 79% reduction. The program's success is also seen in the reduction of beach closures as a result of sewer spills. In 2000, there were 33 sewer spills that reached public waters. In 2007, there were only eight.

Any sewer spill in our City of San Diego is one spill too many, and the Public Utilities Department is driven by that mandate.


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