San Diego

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City Comptroller Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I pay my taxes?

Call the County of San Diego:

County Information (858) 694-3900
Auditor and Controller (619) 531-5311
Treasurer/Tax Collector (619) 236-2424

I just ran my credit report and it says I owe you money. Why? How do I pay it and get it cleared?

Contact the City Treasurer Delinquent Accounts Program by calling them at (619) 744-3100.

I sent you an invoice, where is my check?

Please send invoices to the department that ordered from you. They will prepare the receiving report and send them to our Accounts Payable (AP) section of the Comptroller's office. AP has a 5 day turn around time from receipt of receiving report to cut and send the payment.

The department says a check was sent, where is it?

After 14 days the department can send an affidavit for you to fill out if the check has not been cashed or returned. You can alternatively PDF icon download the form from our website.

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