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About Corporate Partnerships and Development

The Corporate Partnerships and Development Program leads the City of San Diego's efforts in exploring innovative ways to benefit our taxpayers and strengthen the City's General Fund. Beginning in 1999, the City generated revenue from Marketing Partnerships with corporations through its Corporate Partnerships Program (CPP). In 2013, oversight of citywide grants and citywide donations was added. To learn more about making donations to the City, please see the City's Philanthropy Center page.

San Diego is widely recognized by other cities, trade publications and the press as having one of the most successful municipal marketing partnership programs in the country. Our goal is to work with organizations to develop business strategies that drive revenue and deliver a positive impact on the San Diego community. We recognize the difficulties in the current economy and are open to a variety of ways of working together.

There are a variety of ways to work with the City of San Diego to reach public/private partnership marketing goals and objectives, that also support the larger San Diego community. Amid challenging economic times, and historical budget cuts in all sectors of society, it is even more important to have corporations as part of the solution to improve our communities, while positively impacting brand and bottom line.

The Corporate Partnerships and Development Program is estimating to generate $27 million for the City through past and current partnerships with companies and organizations including, but not limited to:


Toyota Motor Sales USA • California Coast Credit Union • Zipcar •  Cardiac Science • Canteen Vending
• Service Line Warranties of America • National University • DecoBike • Turf Star in partnership with Toro


Car2Go • Sprint Solutions, Inc. • San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union • LMNO Cable Group • The PEPSI Bottling Group • EA Sports • Ford Motor Company • Sunroad Enterprises • Evolution Film Inc. • Qualcomm • Authority for Freeway

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