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Over-the-Counter Permits

Even some uncomplicated projects may require that plans be prepared. However, these projects may be simple to permit. Most uncomplicated projects can be reviewed "Over-the-Counter" while you wait. Simply make an appointment by phoning (619) 446-5300. Be prepared to describe the project in detail, as some projects won?t qualify for an "Over-the-Counter" plan review.

Commercial "Over-the-Counter" Projects

  • Tenant Improvements

Residential "Over-the-Counter" Projects

Zoning Requirements

All projects that require plan review, whether they qualify for an "Over-the-Counter" review or not, will need to comply with local zoning regulations. Zoning requirements can impact the type of business allowed in your commercial suite or how large and where your home addition can be located. Prior to preparation of plans, you will need to obtain information specific to your site. Please go to Step 2: Site Information


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