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Permit Issuance (AKA Stamp Out)

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To receive a permit, all discipline reviews and requirements from the previous steps must be satisfied. Once you have all of the needed documents, (see Documents Required for Permit Issuance) you can schedule an appointment for Permit Issuance (commonly called Stamp Out) by calling (619) 446-5300.

At your Permit Issuance (Stamp Out) appointment, your documents will be reviewed to determine if you have everything needed and that the documents are all complete. Once the reviewer makes that determination, you will receive your permit or approval along with:

  • 2 sets of Plans with Approval Stamps
    • An "official" set of plans will be perforated. This set will be returned to you and must be available for the Field Inspector for each scheduled inspection.
    • The 2nd set will be retained by the Development Services Department and will be sent to Records (currently on the 2nd Floor of the Development Services Center).
    • The 3rd set of plans you brought with you will be sent to the County Assessor's Office for assessment purposes.
  • An Inspection Plan
    • This will tell you at what stages inspections are required for your project. You must not proceed beyond each phase of construction until that work is approved to be covered.
  • A Yellow Inspection Record Card
    • The inspector signs this card as the construction is inspected and approved, which assures that your construction conforms to the approved plans. This card is for signatures from the Inspector(s) approving any portion of the project, and verify that the work approved may be concealed. The back of this card contains information explaining the inspection process.
  • An Electrical Circuit Card
    • If your project included residential electrical work, this card must be completed for the inspector prior to calling for an electrical inspection. Your inspector will sign off on your electrical inspection.
  • An Invoice for Fees
    • To pay your fees, go to the Development Services Center Cashier’s Booth located on the 3rd floor, near the building entrance.

Types of Permits

If you have a detached single family house or a detached two family house (a duplex) a combination type permit will be issued unless the work is for a single trade such as plumbing, electrical or mechanical work. All inspections for single family houses or duplexes are handled by Combination Inspectors familiar with all aspects of construction relating to single family houses.

If your project is anything other than a detached single family house or a duplex, you will need different permits for each trade. These include all of the following that apply:

  1. Building permit for your structure (includes fire sprinklers and alarms, grading and landscaping)
  2. Electrical permit for your new or altered electrical wiring
  3. Plumbing permit for new or altered plumbing
  4. Mechanical permit for new or altered heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems
  5. Sign permit for your signs

Once we have received all of your documentation, you have paid all fees, and you have received a valid building permit, you can begin construction! See Inspection to learn more about the next step.


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