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Gathering information regarding the site where your project will be located is a critical part of the permit process. At a minimum, the PDF icon Parcel Information (DS-302) should be obtained for your site to assist in determining what reviews, approvals, and permits may be required. In particular, information regarding zoning requirements, such as setback requirements and height limits, can affect your project scope. This information can be obtained with staff assistance, at the self-help computer on the 3rd floor of the Development Services Department or by faxing the request to (619) 446-5050. Information such as previous permits and microfilm records of older permit documents may be found at our Records section on the second floor. Some records may take a few days to obtain, or, if copies are needed, prior approval from the owner or designer may be required. Again, taking the time to understand the site requirements and permit history at an early stage can pay off in more time and cost saved later by enabling the coordination of critical issues within the overall project schedule.

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