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Look for Us at a Home Show

I noticed that the City building department had a booth at a recent Home Show. Why do you do this?

Most people are not aware that our plan check and inspection functions run completely without tax money. We run like a business, meaning that we operate from building permit and plan check fees. This pays for reviewing the plans, processing the permit and sending an inspector to make sure the work was completed to code.

For the same fee, we also put out a lot of free information to the public. One of the most efficient ways to get information out to the public is through home shows.

It is fun to shake hands with people and give you the opportunity to meet my competent staff. It gives people firsthand information from an inspector. It gives us the opportunity to meet and get to hear from you all.

This allows us the advantage of serving you in the best possible manner. It's better for both you and I to understand how to do your project before you start, rather than having us tell you what's wrong after you've done it.

The inspector and you are really in the same mode of getting the job done right the first time.

So we hope to see you at the next Home Show and if your project is to be done before that, remember we are here to help.

We generally recommend hiring a State licensed contractor to do your work, but if you become a "do-it-yourselfer" and are not sure of how to do it, please feel free to give me or the staff a call. We can be reached at (858) 492-5070.

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