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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Notification Requirements

Due to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, projects that meet the Federal Code of Regulations, Title 14, Part 77 notification criteria are now required by the City of San Diego to submit a "Notice of Construction or Alteration" to the FAA prior to obtaining building permits.

Information bulletin 520 provides general information concerning when applicants are required to notify the FAA of their proposed development projects and the process for notifying the FAA.

Typically, projects that exceed an imaginary 100:1 surface within 20,000 feet of a civilian or military airport or have a height exceeding 200 feet above ground level are required to notify the FAA. Information bulletin 520 specifically lists all the Part 77 notification criteria. The notification requirements are only applicable to projects performing exterior construction of existing, temporary, or new structures.

The FAA conducts evaluation based on information provided by applicants directly to the FAA. The FAA will provide the applicant the outcome of the evaluation. The FAA notification process may delay approval of your project until FAA provides a determination.

For discretionary approvals (projects that are subject to public noticing and public hearings), the City will not recommend approval of a project without a FAA Determination of No Hazard to Air Navigation for the project.

For ministerial approvals (projects that are reviewed solely by City staff), the City will not approve a project without a FAA Determination of No Hazard to Air Navigation for the project.

Please see PDF icon Information Bulletin 520, "Federal Aviation Administration Notification and Evaluation Process," for details.

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