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Small Business Liaison

Photo of Chris Larson
Chris Larson
Small Business Liaison

Small business owners know the many challenges in opening a new business, remodeling or expanding. To help address those issues in the early stages, Development Services has appointed a Small Business Liaison to help lead the way. Chris Larson has 12 years of permitting experience in the department and serves as the primary point of contact for small business inquiries. Creation of this role in Development Services has been a major step toward building a successful partnership with the small community.

How does it work? Small business owners are encouraged to contact Larson at 619-446-5368 or via email at [email protected], before signing a lease, committing to a site or making a major business decision involving development permits. He will go over the various requirements with the customer, identify potential issues and means for resolution, and lay out the key steps in the process. Larson can also provide referral information to other government agencies dealing with small businesses.

Larson attends numerous meetings related to small business, including those put on by the Business Improvement Districts and the Small Business Advisory Board. He is available to make presentations to groups about small business permitting topics, and to provide tours of the Development Services Center.

Small business is a big deal to us, and Development Services is committed to assisting small business owners through the permitting process.


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