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The Directory lists phone numbers for the services and programs provided by our Department as well as other related City services. It also contains the numbers of many local environmental and educational groups.

The Calendar of Events will be updated monthly with events and programs. We hope you will put the dates on your personal calendar and get involved in our waste reduction activities.

General Department Information 858-694-7000
General Recycling Information in the City of San Diego
Free recycling guides and environmental information
General Recycling Information for all other areas of San Diego County 1-877-R-1-EARTH
Refuse Collection & Curbside Recycling
Refuse collection customer service, curbside recycling, and curbside greenery recycling collection
Miramar Landfill
General Information, Fee Booth, Greenery Recycling and Free Garden Mulch
Miramar Recycling/Buy-back Center
Recycling Programs
Recycling Assistance for:
Condo/Apartment Residents
Backyard Composting
Curbside Recycling
Curbside Greenery Recycling
Park & Recreation Center Recycling
Phone Book Recycling
Christmas Tree Recycling
Buying Recycled Products
Christmas Tree Recycling for San Diego County Residents 800-237-2583
Recycling Assistance for Businesses 858-694-7000
"Green Building" - Nabil Chehade, Development Svs. Dept. 619-446-5076
Annual Business Recycling Awards 858-694-7000
Construction & Demolition Ban 858-694-7000
Military Recycling Information
Including: recycling assistance; information on recycling awards; pollution prevention conferences; landfill construction & demolition materials and greens bans; and information on the regional recycling committee.
Reporting Illegal Dumps, Litter, Etc.
Reporting illegal dumping and scavenging, community clean-up, recycling events and dead animal removal.
Reporting Litter, Overflowing Dumpsters, etc. 858-694-7000
Hazardous Waste
Household Hazardous Materials Program
(Proper disposal of residential hazardous waste)
Used Oil Program
(Proper disposal of used or leftover auto products)
Household Hazardous Waste Information for Unincorporated Areas of San Diego County 877-713-2784
Household Hazardous Waste Information for all other areas of San Diego County 1-800-CLEANUP
Related City and County Departments/Programs
Reporting Oil-Burning, Smoking Vehicles
Please forward to environmental services
County Agricultural Commissioner
(Pesticide Issues or Information)
County Department of Environmental Health
(Reporting hazardous waste dumps)
City of San Diego Fire - Hazardous Material Management 619-533-4400
Storm Water Pollution Hotline
(Reporting hazardous waste dumps into storm drains)
Local Environmental and Educational Groups
For your convenience, we have listed the following local environmental and educational groups. The City of San Diego Environmental Services Department is not affiliated with any of the groups and does not monitor any of their activities.
Adopt-A-Highway Service of San Diego 619-284-2902
San Diego Natural History Museum 619-232-3821
Environmental Health Coalition 619-235-0281
The Environmental Trust 858-573-1835
Green Store 619-225-1083
I Love A Clean San Diego County, Inc. 1-877-R-1-EARTH
Industrial Environmental Association of San Diego County 619-544-9684
Mountain Defense League 619-298-3738
Peace Leaders International 858-581-6091
SGI International 858-551-1090
San Diego Audubon Society Inc. 619-275-0557
San Diego Baykeeper 619-299-4484
Sierra Club - Singles Section 619-299-8733
Solana Center for Environmental Innovation 760-436-7986
Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice 619-461-5011
Surfrider Foundation 858-792-9940
Urban Corps of San Diego 619-235-6884


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