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July 2018

16th: "I am deeply disappointed in the proposal adopted by the Council relating to short-term rentals. After nearly four years of debate and discussion, a reasonable compromise was before us that would balance neighborhood protections with our thriving tourism economy. Instead, the Council chose a path that is not only unenforceable and subject to legal challenge, but would drive the activity underground, resulting in the loss in millions of dollars in revenue that funds public safety officers and the repairing of city streets.”

3rd: PDF icon Councilmember Chris Cate to Host Independence Day Ice Cream Social

June 2018

25th: PDF icon Councilmember Delivers on Promise to Ease Traffic Congestion in Mira Mesa

12th: PDF icon Councilmembers Suggest Leveling the Election Playing Field

May 2018

30th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Continues to Invest in Neighborhood Libraries

21st: PDF icon Councilmember Chris Cate Floats Proposal for Water Department

April 2018

30th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Hosts 4th Annual Budget Briefing

25th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Recommends Two Changes for San Diego Park Planning

19th: "The County of San Diego has failed to provide adequate services that look after the welfare of animals. We have heard from several volunteers about the sub-par level of care. That is why we are in this position. I fully support having the San Diego Humane Society provide animal services for the City without any strings that would prevent them from adequately doing their job."

17th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Proposes “Dollars for Dumping” Reporting Program

12th: "Last evening, I joined hundreds of District 6 residents to learn about a proposed development on 5858 Mt. Alifan Drive in Clairemont. Due to heavy interest of this project, the open house, hosted by Wakeland Housing Development/PATH, had to be rescheduled. Unfortunately, District 6 residents were not given the opportunity to have their concerns heard. After hearing from those in attendance, I, too, share in their concerns and have questions. While the Wakeland Housing Development/PATH project proposal has not been officially submitted to the City’s Development Services Department, I will ensure that during the development and submittal process, the developers be held accountable to work with the community of Clairemont. As the councilmember for District 6, I will continue to advocate on behalf of all neighborhoods. I will continue to monitor this situation closely and give regular updates to the community."

10th: “Over a decade of work by an unprecedented coalition culminated in today’s action. San Diego has taken another crucial step to becoming water independent while saving ratepayers billions of dollars. I look forward to the continued work to finish this project and to the day Pure Water is providing a benefit to residents and businesses across this region.”

5th: PDF icon Cate Proposes Safeguards on Marijuana Advertising to Protect Our Youth

March 2018

20th: PDF icon Safeguarding Against Online Attacks, Data Breaches, and Security Risks

5th: PDF icon Big Ideas and Major Solutions to be Delivered at State of the District Address

February 2018

22nd: PDF icon Clairemont Celebrates Grand Re-Opening of Neighborhood's Only Senior Center

20th: PDF icon San Diegans Barred and Blocked from Borrowing Books at Branch Libraries

15th: “More than 250 people attended my High Water Bill Forum this evening. Many of these residents had the opportunity to voice their frustration and speak to the Public Utilities Department customer service representatives regarding their abnormally high water bill. After hearing dozens of the same stories, I am not convinced that this is an isolated incident and truly hope the investigation is done quickly. I encourage anyone that has a question regarding their water bill to continue to contact my office and work with the water department to have their bills resolved.”

12th: PDF icon Water Bill Forum to be Held, Per the Request of Councilmember Cate

8th: “I appreciate the Public Utilities Department working swiftly to investigate the multitude of higher-than-normal water bills in my district,” said City Councilmember Chris Cate. “I will continue to work with the department to gather the pertinent information to ensure this is an isolated incident, and will be holding a public forum in my district to allow residents the opportunity to ask questions and get the answers they deserve.” View PUD's news release PDF icon here.

7th: "I appreciate PDF icon staff’s response to my PDF icon January 30th memo relating to abnormally high water bills. However, there are still many unanswered questions. Though the Public Utilities Department will be releasing additional information by February 16th, I am asking the Public Utilities Department to release the following information: the aggregate number of customer water bills that have increased over the last two billing cycles; and the total number of customer complaints, including the nature of the complaints, filed since November 2017. I am requesting the aforementioned information to be broken out by citywide zip codes. In an effort of transparency and community engagement, I will also be working with the department to host a community forum on this topic so residents can be informed on all current information."

January 2018

26th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate to Host FREE Flu Shot Clinic in Mira Mesa

22nd: PDF icon San Diego to Recognize Young Heroine from Rancho Peñasquitos

18th: PDF icon Public Safety Chairman Releases Homelessness Survey Findings

9th: PDF icon Major Online Platform Inundating Neighborhoods with Illegal Pot Deliveries

December 2017

12th: “After nearly three years since my office provided its initial proposal on home sharing and short term rentals, today’s inaction by my Council colleagues proved that we cannot govern. Time and time again, the council has heavily relied on special interest and ballot initiatives to pass major public policy. Much has been said about dysfunctional D.C.-style politics, however it’s happening in our own backyard.”

5th: PDF icon Toys for Tots Event Expected to Yield 400 Toys for Kids in Need

4th: PDF icon Military Families' Holidays Made Brighter with FREE Christmas Trees

November 2017

14th: PDF icon Biocom Institute to Bring STEM to Clairemont

13th: PDF icon SDPD's Annual Rice Drive Expected to Tip the Scales at 18,000 Pounds

1st: "Yesterday, I stood united with Recreation Councils across the City. In an action which would have erased nearly 40 years of history and volunteerism from our Recreation Councils, I asked my council colleagues to consider an alternative solution. I am pleased to report that due to the hard working volunteers of this City, we were successful in continuing the dialogue. The Council directed the item to be heard at the Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee on December 6th. As the Chair of the Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee, I strongly encourage each Recreation Council member to provide their input and suggestions on this important issue. I am proud to stand united with my District 6 Recreation Councils. Recreation Councils are a pillar of our neighborhoods and, as such, it is imperative we continue to work together towards a solution. I encourage you to contact your respective Councilmember, Park and Recreation staff, City Attorney's office, and the Mayor’s office to request an alternative proposal that will maintain the integrity of Recreation Councils."

October 2017

30th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Stands United with Recreation Councils

25th: PDF icon Cate Calls for Ban of Advertisements from Tijuana Red Light District Clubs

23rd: “As Chair of Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee, recruiting and retaining police officers has been a top priority since I took office. This contract is an important step in addressing this ongoing crisis. That is why during this last budget cycle, I recommended that we begin the process of setting aside the necessary funds to invest in our police department. The residents of District 6 continue to advocate for dedicating the necessary resources for this new contract."

19th: PDF icon City of San Diego to Declare October as Archives Month

17th: PDF icon Hundreds of Mira Mesa Kids Prepared to “Drop, Cover, and Hold On”

September 2017

25th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate to Kickoff 7th Annual Mining and Geology Day

19th: "It should be very concerning to every San Diegan when our local government starts blacklisting businesses or individuals with whom we have political disagreements. That is un-American, un-welcoming, and not representative of San Diego. We can have disagreements on the wisdom of a border wall, however, these businesses are doing nothing illegal and we should not punish them for the policies of the Federal Government."

12th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Releases Priorities for Addressing Homelessness

11th: "While I support the allowance of marijuana production facilities to create a legal marijuana supply chain in the City of San Diego, I opposed today's action at City Council because it fell severely short of ensuring public safety and put an unreasonable burden on specific neighborhoods. The motion passed today lacked a specific cap on the number of marijuana production facilities allowed in each Council District which will cause an oversaturation of operations in District 6. In addition, City Council also failed to adopt many of my proposals relating to public safety safeguards that are currently best practices adopted by cities throughout the country. As Chair of Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee, my top priority will always be to ensure marijuana production facilities are well-regulated and operating in a manner that promotes public safety. The policy that was passed today was rushed and did not allow for a thorough discussion that could have led to a better policy for the City of San Diego.”

August 2017

28th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Releases Non-Retail Marijuana Business Regulations

10th: PDF icon Councilmember Chris Cate to Host 2nd Annual D6 Toss

2nd: "The City Council has well established its support for the promotion of cross-border trade as a backbone to the economic strength of this region. That is why the City Council has previously unanimously supported immigration reform, strong border security, and a legislative platform for which we pay lobbyists in Sacramento and D.C. to advocate on our behalf, all of which I have voted in favor. I do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all solution to how we ensure a safe and secure border and not supportive of the comprehensive border wall proposal. It is clear Congress has not listened to previous efforts and there is no reason to expect this resolution will provide a different outcome. In addition, this resolution asks the City of San Diego to punish businesses for conducting work on a project, due to political differences. I will never support government scrutinizing businesses for political gain. Lastly, I made my position known how I will view resolutions dealing with federal matters: For those reasons, I voted no."

July 2017

26th: PDF icon Kearny Mesa to Revive Program That Has Been Dormant for Over 30 Years

24th: "Today’s action by the Council was a step in the right direction to solve San Diego’s ongoing housing crisis. I support action to streamline the development of housing units, lower fees associated with housing, and provide incentives to create housing affordability in the region. I am however deeply disappointed with the Council’s decision to toss in amendments for a minimum night stay as it relates to companion units rather than include this as part of a comprehensive review of a short term rental proposal this fall. It is unfortunate that members of the council decided to be political and jeopardize a solution that keeps housing affordable in San Diego."

24th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate to Dedicate Mark Hamill Drive in Clairemont

20th: PDF icon City of San Diego to Place Mandates on Quality of Street Repairs

June 2017

23rd: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Kicks Off Million Gallon Challenge

20th: "I am pleased that my council colleagues supported dedicating, with honors, Castleton Drive (between Mount Abernathy Avenue and Clayford Street) as “Mark Hamill Drive.” Today’s council action allows the City of San Diego Streets Division to begin designing and creating the Honorary Mark Hamill Drive signs. We are hopeful we can continue to work with Mr. Hamill, to install, dedicate, and unveil Mark Hamill Drive at a later date at the corner of Castleton Drive and Mount Abernathy Avenue."

19th: “I am disappointed with the Council’s decision not to support a public vote for this November. With no possibility of holding a special election, I voted to support placing the SoccerCity initiative on the 2018 general election ballot. I hope during this time both sides present their ideas to voters throughout the City, and Major League Soccer (MLS) holds off on removing San Diego from consideration for an expansion franchise. It’s been made clear during this process that San Diegans would embrace MLS with excitement and open arms.”

12th: PDF icon City of San Diego to Celebrate 240th Anniversary of Flag Day

5th“I supported this budget because it reflects many of the priorities District 6 families believe are most important to them. The budget funds our public safety officers, and prioritizes funding for our City's infrastructure. Furthermore, it is time the City address its police retention and recruitment crisis, which is why I will be advocating for an increase to the police officer salaries next year.”

“It is unfortunate the adoption of a $3 billion dollar budget was overshadowed by the rhetoric surrounding a proposal that has yet to receive a full public vetting before the City Council. I believe it would have been prudent to set aside the funding for a special election today, and deliberate about the merits of a November special election at a future date. That is why I support the Mayor’s decision to use his veto power, and restore special election funding, so we may have a full discussion in the coming weeks.”

May 2017

31st: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Launches Million Gallon Challenge

26th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate to Proclaim Emergency Medical Services Week

25th: PDF icon San Diego Renames Street in Honor of Madison High School's Mascot

23rd: PDF icon San Diego Honors Culture and Contributions of Asian Pacific Americans

22nd: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Hosts 3rd Annual Budget Briefing

15th: PDF icon City of San Diego Releases RFP for Facility at the Heart of Mira Mesa

15th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate to Distribute Free Pet Emergency Kits

9th: PDF icon Grand Jury Report Calls for Change to School Board Elections

3rd: PDF icon Public Safety Committee Chair Presents Solution for Police Recruitment Issue

April 2017

24th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate to Kick Off SDFD's Blood Drive

10th: PDF icon San Diego Bids Farewell to Long-Time Community Champion

10th: PDF icon San Diego Celebrates National Library Week

March 2017

21st: “I am very disappointed with my council colleagues to deny San Diego voters the opportunity to vote on election rules for school board members that would bring consistency with the way we elect other local public officials. It is further troublesome considering the same colleagues supported a similar measure just six months ago. Given the recent climate of San Diego Unified School District, it is unfortunate that this Council did not see the need to ensure school board members are held accountable to the majority of the people they represent.”

9thPDF icon San Diego Moves to Toughen Up Enforcement Against Red Light Operations

3rd: PDF icon Councilmembers Propose Term Limits for School Board Members

1st: PDF icon Donors Double Dollars Donated for District 6 Libraries

February 2017

27th: PDF icon Councilmember Perturbed with City Attorney Playing Politics

21st: “I am in the process of reviewing the over 300 pages of the initiative. Like I have stated before I am excited about the prospect of an entertainment district in Mission Valley, which includes constructing a new stadium to house a Major League Soccer franchise and San Diego State University football. I appreciate the ownership’s willingness to bring all the stakeholders together, and look forward to reviewing this comprehensive plan to ensure it meets the needs of the City which includes no general fund taxpayer subsidy to build the stadium, the development of a river park, and available for a potential NFL team to relocate.”

10th: “If the residents of Clairemont wish to collect the required amount of signatures and proceed with changing their street name from Charger Boulevard to honor Mark Hamill, they have my full-fledged support.” #MayTheForceBeWithYou (video)

January 2017

31st: “My vote to approve legal cannabis retail dispensaries complies with the will of the voters and the intent of proposition 64. To ensure public safety I am committed to working with the City Attorney’s office and the Police Department to increase enforcement and expedite the closure of illegal marijuana operations. I look forward to docketing a proposal at the Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee that creates the additional tools needed to reign in illegal operators in our neighborhoods.”

30th: PDF icon Public Safety Committee Chairman to Unveil Space for Online Transactions

25th: “San Diego’s Sixth District is home to many immigrant families, including a fast-growing Muslim population, many of which have immigrated to San Diego for an opportunity to a better life and to pursue the American Dream. Halting the legal immigration process, as outlined in President Trump's Executive Order, will further divide families that still have relatives in these countries. San Diego has always been known as a place of inclusion, and I do not believe this Executive Order represents our region or the need to move toward a safe and expeditious legal immigration process.”

24th: “This is a great time for San Diego. I am excited with the ownership group proposing to build an entertainment district in Mission Valley, which includes constructing a new stadium to house a Major League Soccer franchise and San Diego State University football. I am pleased the ownership group has been willing to listen to feedback from the community, and have proactively reached out to the public to ensure they are good partners in this project. I am looking forward to reviewing their comprehensive plan which appears to meet numerous needs of the City, while not requiring taxpayer dollars. From developing a river park to housing, this can truly be a diverse project all San Diegans can be proud of.”

12th: “I do not find the Chargers announcement to relocate to Los Angeles surprising. It became apparent in 2015 that the Chargers preferred Los Angeles, as they continued to show an unwillingness to negotiate a potential stadium deal here in San Diego, and with their recent action to execute a lease for a new headquarters and practice facility outside of the City. I accept the Chargers decision and understand that they believed this action was the best financial decision for their business. This will no doubt be a difficult time for lifelong Charger fans. My focus will now turn to finding a long term vision for the Mission Valley site that will be in the best interest of San Diegans.”

4th: PDF icon Neighborhoods First Coalition Releases Priorities for Council District 6




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