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Related Links

Review of  Over-The-Counter Permits

Facilities Financing is unable to provide while-you-wait review of Over-the Counter (OTC) building plans. These OTC building plans need to be delievered to Facilities Financing's offices located in the Executive Complex East Tower on the 6th Floor. The following link provides additional information on Facilities Financing's review of OTC project plans. PDF icon Reviews of Over-the-Counter Permits


Capital Improvements Program (CIP)

The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) is the long-range plan for all individual capital improvement projects and funding sources.

Civic Enhancement Allocation

Non-residential development with a permit value of $6.7 million or more may be subject to the Civic Enhancement allocation. To learn more about the Civic Enhancement allocation, contact the Commission for Arts and Culture.

Demolition Credit Requirements

One week prior to building permit issuance, submit the following documentation to Facilities Financing to be considered for impact fee credit for demolition of building(s) on the site: (1) A copy of the issued Demolition Permit with General Application, (2) Paid Demolition Invoice, (3) if applicable, the Site Plan, and (4) the Residential (619-236-3771) or Commercial-Industrial (858-505-6262) Building Record from the San Diego County Assessor's Office, which is released to the owner only.

Statewide Community Infrastructure Program (SCIP)

The Statewide Community Infrastructure Program is a financing program that enables developers to pay most impact fees and finance public improvements through an acquisition agreement that qualify under the 1913/1915 Act (excluding school fees) via tax-exempt bond issuance proceeds.

Trip Generation Manual

The PDF icon Trip Generation Manual provides vehicle trip rates for Facilities Financing purposes.


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