San Diego

Fire Station 23

Photo of Fire Station 23Photo of Fire Station 23

Fire Station 23 was originally opened at Colon (now Village Place) and Park Boulevard for the 1935 Exposition, Fire Station 23 was opened at its current location in 1943. The station was rebuilt in December 1964 at a cost of $83,200.

Fire Station 23 serves Linda Vista and its surrounding areas. Engine 23's district is 4 square miles.

Specialty Station - Small Equipment Repair

Photo of Fire Station 23

Fire Station 23 repairs all small equipment such as rescue saws, cutters, spreaders, blowers and nozzles. Station 23 also does yearly maintenance on all Truck & Engine Company small engine equipment.


Responses (Fiscal Year 2016)

  Engine 23
Fire 165
Rescue 34
Emergency Medical 1,979
Urgent Medical 207
Non-Emergency Medical 167
Hazard 233
Events 0
Service 8
Other 3
Total 2,796


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