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Policy and Legislative Initiatives

  • City Task Force on Affordable Housing - The Task Force included areas of change that will result in an increase to the City's affordable housing stock. Recommendations identified financial strategies, housing production goals, and current regulatory impediments.
  • Rendering of Talmadge Senior VillageComprehensive Affordable Housing Strategy Collaborative - The former Redevelopment Agency, in cooperation with the San Diego Housing Commission, assembled the Comprehensive Affordable Housing Strategy Collaborative (the "Collaborative"). The Collaborative established priorities to increase affordable housing inventory for families while providing for development of other affordable housing such as senior housing and supportive services housing for the mentally ill. Resources for the Collaborative's strategy come from tax increment funds set aside for low and moderate income housing by the City's former Redevelopment Division, Centre City Development Corporation (now Civic San Diego, and Southeastern Economic Development Corporation. The San Diego Housing Commission provides project management support in areas of the City that are not in the redevelopment areas. In January 2003, the Collaborative issued its first Notice of Availability for $55 million. 
  • City of San Diego Housing Element of the Progress Guide and General Plan, 1999-2004 - Cities in California are required to adopt a comprehensive, long-term general plan for the physical development of the city that includes a Housing Element. State Housing Element law requires local governments to plan to meet the existing and projected housing needs of all economic segments of the community. The law acknowledges that, in order for the private market to adequately address housing needs and demand, local governments must adopt land use plans and regulatory systems that provide opportunities for housing development. The Housing Element is updated every five-years and is the City's strategy for addressing housing issues comprehensively. (Planning Department)
  • Progress Guide and General Plan - The current guiding document, written in 1979, lays out the plans for future growth and development in the City of San Diego. In October 2002, the City Council adopted the Strategic Framework Element and Action Plan that is guiding the update of the entire Progress Guide and General Plan: (Planning Department)

    The current version of the Progress Guide and General Plan is not yet available online. Hard copies, which included 1989 and 1992 amendment and a 1993 map cost $31.00. For availability you can contact City Publications at 619-446-5200.

  • City of San Diego Consolidated Plan - City of San Diego Consolidated Plan. City of San Diego is in the process of creating a five-year Consolidated Plan (2005 - 2009) that describes how approximately $30 million in federal funding would be invested in housing and community development activities. (San Diego Housing Commission)
  • City of San Diego Inclusionary Housing Ordinance - The City has adopted Inclusionary Housing Ordinances that require affordable units or in-lieu fees for residential development projects and condominium conversions in the City. (San Diego Housing Commission, Planning Department)
  • Revising City Regulations - The City has recently revised regulations for condominium conversions and companion units and is considering revisions to density bonus regulations and single room occupancy hotels to facilitate more housing options for San Diegans. (Planning Department, San Diego Housing Commission)
  • Affordable/Infill Housing and Sustainable Buildings Expedite Program - This newly created section in the Project Management Division of the Development Services Department will be responsible for implementing procedural changes to expedite the land development review and permit process for affordable housing projects Citywide. (Development Services Department)
  • PDF icon Comprehensive Affordable Housing Collaborative Efforts on Universal Design for Residential Projects - A City report detailing accessibility provisions in City/Agency-funded residential developments.
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