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About the Department of Information Technology (IT)

"Providing value through innovation to City Departments and staff"

The Department of IT is responsible for:

  • Providing strategic technology direction
  • Supporting citywide technologies and applications
  • Coordinating citywide infrastructure activities, including information technology IT customer relationship management, IT procurement and the citywide IT budget
  • Developing and implementing IT operational policies and standards
  • Managing contracts for IT services with various service providers
  • Managing and implementing IT governance processes

The department's mission is to provide responsive and dependable delivery of IT and communications services to the City organization in order to support a fiscally sound and effective government. The department goals are to:

  1. Effectively manage the delivery of citywide technology and communications services
  2. Guide technology decision-making to ensure consistency with the citywide business direction
  3. Ensure a skilled, responsive, and innovative workforce that keeps current with evolving business-critical technologies
  4. Provide high-quality customer service
  5. Create and maintain a sustainable, business-focused organization

Employment Opportunities

The City's Personnel Department maintains the listing of available IT jobs within the City. Applications are opened on an as-needed basis when vacancies occur in various departments.


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