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The Department of Information Technology (IT) provides the following services:

  • Citywide Strategic Technology Roadmap - is a formalized, multi-discipline, technology planning process that governs the adoption of technology standards and the prioritization IT Projects; which enables the following benefits:
    • Promotes fiscally-sound Financial Management practices
    • Monitor current industry trends to improve technology investment decisions
    • Identify Technologies to support Mission Critical City Operations
  • Develop and Implement IT Operational Policies and Standards - The Department of IT has established and maintains citywide hardware and software standards to ensure compatibility and interoperability between software, systems, platforms, and devices. Standards also maximize support efficiencies with regard to training, installation, configuration, and maintenance. In addition, standards enable a more efficient and effective service desk. Existing and emerging technologies are routinely evaluated for inclusion in the list of approved hardware and software standards. Operational policies are established and maintained to maximize the ability of the Department of IT provide efficient, predicable, and reliable IT services to City departments. These policies may be implement in one of several ways including, but not limited to, Administrative Regulations, Process Narratives and vendor specific procedures.
  • IT Contracts Management - The Contracts Management Group is responsible for managing the contract life cycle of over 40 separate contracts totaling $185,000,000. This includes contributing to Public Sector RFQ/RFP/ITBs, driving contract negotiations and ensuring compliance with all Public Sector contract obligations. Manage the negotiation and administration of numerous complex IT Contracts; including, product/service agreements, non-disclosure agreements, statements of work and ancillary legal documents ensuring contractual compliance with relevant terms and conditions.
  • IT Services Delivery Management - The Service Delivery Management Group provides managerial and technical oversight for the delivery of IT Services; which includes, governing all areas of Information Technology Service Management (ITSM); including, Incident and Problem Management, Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Management, Enterprise Change and Configuration Management, Release Management, and Customer Satisfaction Management
  • Citywide IT Project Management - The Department of IT Project Management Office (PMO) is a service organization created for the specific purpose of supporting the City's Information Technology projects. The PMO strategy is a comprehensive approach that considers the different entities within the City; including, both City staff and vendors who may be managing IT projects.
  • Wireless Technology Services - is responsible for the design, installation, and maintenance of all wireless communications systems and services for the City of San Diego. External agencies that contract with the City of San Diego to use the system include San Diego Unified School District, San Diego Community College District, City of Poway Fire Department and San Diego Medical Services Enterprise. There are approximately 10,000 mobile and portable radios on the system. The radio system is being upgraded to a 700MHz Project 25 (P25) interoperable land mobile radio system. The system is designed to be interoperable with other public safety land mobile radio systems in the region.
  • Core Functions:
    • Engineering Services:
      • Design, plan, implement wireless microwave radio communication systems
      • Monitor and comply with FCC licensing regulations
    • Fixed Network Equipment:
      • Support/upgrade the wireless microwave network equipment at the mountain top sites & dispatch centers
      • Cellular services
      • Provisioning/Programming of wireless communication equipment
    • Mobile Communication Installation and Provisioning:
      • Installation of communications equipment into vehicles
      • Communications equipment includes Radios, Antenna's, Mobile Data Computers/Laptops, Modems, Sirens, License Plate Readers, Cameras, Radars
  • Enterprise Applications Portfolio - Provides Information Technology services that span organizations and departments, thereby strengthening the City's technology foundation through common standards, processes, and integrated technologies. Major areas of service include the following:
    • Management of a common Enterprise Geographical Information System (GIS) environment and applications
    • Support of underlying record management environments that support web access to official City documents
    • Management of the enterprise web environments:
      • sandiego.gov
      • Citynet
      • SharePoint
    • Management and support of the City's Enterprise Resource Planning System, SAP
  • Information Security Compliance and Risk Management - provide the development, implementation and management of all citywide information security policies, standards, procedures, and internal controls. Responsible for the definition and coordination of the City's enterprise security awareness program, business continuity and disaster recovery plans; overseeing, evaluating, and supporting all information compliance issues, which may include managing and monitoring security standards or internal controls compliance. Responsible for partnerships with local, regional, state, and federal agencies including the Law Enforcement Coordination Center (LECC, aka Fusion Center), Regional Terrorism Threat Assessment Center (RTTAC), Computer and Technology Crime High-Tech (CATCH) Response Team, California Office of Information Security, San Diego office of the FBI, and representatives from the federal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on issues related to cybersecurity and protection of local government critical infrastructure assets.
  • Cable Regulation - The Cable Office provides cable television regulation and enforcement for all cable television service customers within the San Diego City limits.


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