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California Accessibility Regulations

Title 24 California Code of Rules and Regulations requires that all new buildings and facilities be accessible to persons with disabilities. Existing buildings or facilities are required to comply with the code that was in effect at the time they were permitted and constructed. Improvements, modifications or additions must comply with the current code. Other building elements - such as path of travel, parking and primary entrances - may need to comply in addition to the improvements.

Resealing, restriping or resurfacing parking lots triggers full compliance with current parking regulations for accessibility.

Complaints regarding lack of access to persons with disabilities to public accommodations - such as hotels, office buildings, shopping centers and non-complying parking lots - are investigated by the Code Enforcement Division.

Accessibility regarding City of San Diego facilities or services are handled by the City's Office of ADA Compliance and Accessibility. Please call (619) 236-5979.

If you have complaints about the misuse of an existing accessible parking space, please contact the San Diego Police Department at (619) 531-2000.


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