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Seating Compliance

Does your seating comply with State Accessibility Codes? Refer to the questions below to find answers to frequent questions regarding seating compliance.

When do I need to make my seating accessible?

At the time you perform tenant improvements or replace the tables, counters, bars and/or seating with new ones in your establishment.

How many accessible seats do I need to have?

Each dining, banquet and bar area shall have one wheelchair seating space for each 20 seats, with at least one wheelchair seating space per functional area. Five percent (but never less than one) of fixed or built-in seating, tables, and counters provided for the public, and in general employee areas, must be accessible.

What are the clearance requirements for seating?

The tops of tables and counters shall be at least 28 inches from the floor or ground but not higher than 34 inches.

What are the aisle and kneespace clearance requirements?

The kneespace clearance between the floor and the bottom of a table or counter shall be at least 27 inches. The width of the kneespace area shall be at least 30 inches with a minimum depth of 19 inches. The minimum clear floor or ground space required to accommodate a single stationary wheelchair and occupant is 30 inches by 48 inches. A maximum of 19 inches of this area may overlap the kneespace clearance.

Does the cashier counter need to be accessible?

Where a single counter contains more than one transaction station, such as a bank counter with multiple teller windows or a retail counter with multiple cash register stations, at least 5 percent (but never less than one) of each type of station shall be located at a section of the counter that is a minimum of 36 inches long and at least 28 inches high (but not higher than 34 inches).

If your business is in the City of San Diego, you may obtain additional information by contacting the Development Services Department at (619) 446-5000; or call Code Enforcement at (619) 236-5500.

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