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Smoke Detectors

A smoke detector, approved and listed by the California Fire Marshal, shall be installed, according to the manufacturer's instructions, in each dwelling intended for human occupancy.

Except for new construction, a battery-operated smoke detector satisfies the requirements.


The owner of each dwelling unit shall supply and install smoke detectors in the locations and in the manner set forth in the manufacturer's instructions, as approved by the California Fire Marshal's regulations. In the case of apartment complexes and other multiple-dwelling complexes, a smoke detector shall also be installed in the common stairwells.

Testing and Maintenance

The owner shall be responsible for testing and maintaining detectors in hotels, motels, lodging houses, and common stairwells of apartment complexes and other multiple dwelling complexes.

An owner or the owner's agent may enter any dwelling unit, efficiency dwelling unit, guest room, and suite owned by the owner for the purpose of installing, repairing, testing, and maintaining single station smoke detectors. Except in cases of emergency, the owner or the owner's agent shall give the tenants of each such unit, room or suite reasonable notice in writing of the intention to enter and shall enter only during normal business hours. Twenty-four hours shall be presumed to be reasonable notice in absence of evidence to the contrary.


The smoke detector shall be operable at the time that the tenant takes possession. The apartment complex tenant shall be responsible for notifying the manager or owner if the tenant becomes aware of an inoperable smoke detector within his or her unit. The owner or authorized agent shall correct any reported deficiencies in the smoke detector and shall not be in violation for a deficient smoke detector when he or she has not received notice of the deficiency. (H&SC, Sections 13113.7 and 13113.8)


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