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Planning Department

Multiple Species Conservation Program

The City of San Diego, jointly with several jurisdictions, pursues the preservation of open space and protects biodiversity in the San Diego region through the Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP). Core biological resource areas have been targeted for conservation acquisition within the City, helping to assure the long-term survival of San Diego's unique assemblage of plants and wildlife.

Charitable Partnering Opportunities

Property(ies) located within or adjacent to the Multi-Habitat Planning Area.

Providing valuable flexibility to the Planning Department in the pursuit of the Multiple Species Conservation Program's goals, properties acquired by grants and contributions are utilized for focused acquisitions in the priority areas of East Elliot which will provide additions to the Mission Trails Regional Open Space Park, Otay Mesa, and Del Mar Mesa. Each of these areas supports a number of rare animal and plant species, and their acquisition and preservation will substantially help to extend a valuable regional open space network.

Providing the Program with stable, long-term financial resources, a City of San Diego MSCP endowment will substantially expand and expedite:

  • Acquisitions within the focused, priority resource areas.
  • Habitat restoration
  • Non-native species monitoring and control
  • Monitoring of sensitive species

Donations will be preserved in perpetuity, and distributions from the endowment to support the Program will be limited to earnings generated from investment of the fund's principal.


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