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Grantville Master Plan

On June 9, 2015, the Grantville Focused Plan Amendment and its environmental documents were approved by the San Diego City Council. Please visit the Navajo Current Community Plan page to view the adopted community plan.


About Grantville

Grantville is located in eastern San Diego and encompasses part of the Navajo Community, the Tierrasanta Community and the College Area Community. The area includes portions of the San Diego River, and it is located in close proximity to Mission Valley, Mission Trails Park and San Diego State University.

The Grantville Focused Plan Amendment includes parcels north of I-8 on both sides of Fairmount Avenue and Mission Gorge Road. The northern boundary includes parcels on both sides of Friars Road from Fairmount Avenue to the four corners of Zion Avenue and Mission Gorge Road. The eastern boundary includes parcels on both sides of Mission Gorge Road from Zion Avenue in the north to Mission Gorge Place in the south, along with the parcels on both sides of Mission

Vision Statement

Our vision for Grantville in the year 2030 is for the improvement and reestablishment of an older neighborhood in central San Diego. We envision an attractive, balanced community with a desirable quality of life that capitalizes on its proximity to a network of freeways, trolley lines, natural environment, waterways, and open spaces. In the year 2030, Grantville is a community that…

  • Respects the vitality and livelihood of locally owned and operated businesses while promoting the expansion of new business opportunities;
  • Contains an appropriate mix of auto, pedestrian, bicycle and public transportation opportunities for optimum mobility;
  • Offers a variety of housing opportunities while considering neighborhood scale and integrity;
  • Connects residents and visitors to the San Diego River while providing safe and adequate buffers from developed areas; and
  • Contains sufficient public facility amenities such as neighborhood and community parks, libraries, schools and emergency services.

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