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For more information regarding the City's Underground Utilities Program, call the Information Line at (619) 533-3841 or send an email to [email protected].

Non-City Contacts


Anthony Aguirre
(858) 503-5132
[email protected]

SDGE Surcharge

Debbie Ritch
(858) 636-3968
[email protected]

ATT 20A and Surcharge

Breandan Lee
(858) 790-0265
[email protected]

Cox 20A and Surcharge

Sara DuFour
(619) 266-5480
[email protected]

Charter Communications 20A and Surcharge

Ray Harns
(858) 635-8266
[email protected]

Crown Castle - 20A and Surcharge

Nick Moreno
(562) 212-8886
[email protected]


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