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Responsibilities of The City Clerk

Mission of the City Clerk

To provide accurate information and maximize access to municipal government.

Information Services

The Information Services Staff acts as the initial contact for most callers and visitors to the City Clerk's Office, responding to thousands of requests each year.

You may view some of the many on-line legislative documents in the City Clerk's Office. Other documents and items not on-line are available through the Clerk's Office, also including Agreements; Appeals; City Council Speaker Forms; Contracts; Deeds (City-related); Leases; Loyalty Oath Cards for Appointed Officials; Notice of Special Hearings; Ordinances & Resolutions; Subdivision Information/Maps; Summons/Subpoenas; CDs and Videotapes of City Council meetings; CDs of Council Committee Meetings; and Voter Registration applications.

To request a copy of a document that is not available on-line, you may contact Information Services at (619) 533-4000. You may also submit your request on-line. Copies of most documents are 25 cents per page. The cost of CDs and audio tapes will vary depending on the specific request.

Legislative Services

The Legislative Services Division is made up of three sections: Dockets, Hearings, and Council Actions. The Dockets section prepares, distributes, and uploads onto the City's website the Docket and supporting materials for all regular and supplemental agenda items for all City Council meetings, Special Council Meetings, and Emergency Council Meetings. The Hearings Section prepares all Land Use Hearings items that appear on the Docket. The Council Actions section creates and publishes online the Summary Sheet (produced prior to) and the Results and official Minutes (produced after) for each meeting, and they also maintain and update the online Resolution and Ordinance database. In addition, this section is responsible for updating and maintaining the City Charter, Municipal Code and Council Policies. The entire Legislative Services Division acts as a resource for the public seeking information regarding actions taken by the City Council at the Council Meetings.


Elections staff coordinate and administer the City's municipal elections and elections-related activities.Activities include advising officeholders, candidates and committees of procedures and requirements;processing ballot proposals and initiative petitions; planning and conducting election centrals andinaugurations; administering campaign statements, statements of economic interests and municipal lobbying registration and reporting; providing maps, brochures and instruction manuals to Council, staff, and the public; and preparing technical and analytical reports. More detailed information on Election Services.

Records Management

The Records Management Program promotes accessibility and ensures government accountability by assisting City departments to create and maintain updated versions of their Records Disposition Schedules; imaging and providing documents on-line to the public; preserving vital records which protect the rights of the City and its citizens by producing microfilm copies and sending them to an out-of-state facility; providing storage and daily retrieval of inactive records for all City departments; cataloguing and making available online photographs of official artifacts; and making available to the public on request archival documents dating from the 1830s.


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