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Community Review Board On Police Practices



The Community Review Board shall review and evaluate serious complaints brought by the public against the San Diego Police Department. Furthermore, the Board shall review, whether or not a complaint has been filed, all police actions that result in the death of a person. The Board may also refer complaints to the Grand Jury, District Attorney, or any other governmental agency authorized by law to investigate the activities of a law enforcement agency. The Board shall submit semiannual reports to the City Manager and City Council concerning its evaluation of the San Diego Police Department's investigation of citizens' complaints; provided however, that such reports shall not disclose any information required to be kept confidential by law.


Appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council.


Members are appointed for a one (1) year term and can serve up to a maximum of eight (8) years.


The Board is comprised of twenty-three (23) members who represent a diverse cross section of San Diego's citizens. Twenty-three (23) additional members are appointed each year as prospective members. These prospective members attend Board meetings and received training but cannot vote on cases.

Governed By

San Diego City Charter PDF icon Sections 42 and 43.

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