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Mission Bay Park Committee


To advise the Park & Recreation Board, Mayor, City Council, and City Manager on policy issues relating to the acquisition, development, maintenance, and operation of Mission Bay Park. Effective July 1, 2009, the Mission Bay Park Committee shall also fulfill the role of the Mission Bay Park Improvement Fund Oversight Committee as described in Charter Section 55.2.


Appointed by Mayor and confirmed by Council.


Two (2) year staggered terms for a maximum of eight (8) consecutive years. Each member shall serve until his or her successor is duly appointed and qualified. Members are reappointed in such a manner that the terms of not more than six (6) members expire in any year.


Composed of eleven (11) members. The Mayor shall appoint three members from nominations submitted by the Councilmember for Council Districts two and three, members from nominations submitted by the Councilmember for Council District Six; the Mayor appoints three at-large members; the Mayor appoints one Mission Bay Park lessee who represents a hotel in the Park; and the Mayor appoints one Mission Bay lessee who represents a lessee in the Park other than a hotel.

Governed By

Conflict of Interest Code adopted 12/17/09; Resolution PDF icon R-305488; San Diego Municipal Code, PDF icon Chapter II, Article 6, Division 0, Section 26.06(g); Section 26.30(g) - Amended 7/8/09, Ordinance PDF icon O-19876.

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