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Reverse 911®

Cellular or Voice over IP (VoIP) phone numbers are not currently in the Reverse 911® system database, and TTY/TDD numbers for the hearing impaired are not automatically identified by Reverse 911®. If you would like to be contacted on your cell phone, VoIP phone, or TTY/TDD system, you must register those phone numbers. Please note that the service being offered is for City of San Diego residences and businesses ONLY.

Please fill in the following information if you wish to ADD your cellular phone, VoIP phone, or TTY/TDD device to the Reverse 911®system database.

You may register multiple phone and TTY/TDD numbers to the same address; just be sure to submit each number separately with the form below.

However, a single phone or TTY/TDD number may not be registered to multiple addresses.

The phone number that you register will be called only if the address you register is affected by an emergency situation.

*Items marked with an asterisk are required fields.

(xxx) xxx-xxxx

If residential, enter Last and First Name and Middle Initial. Example: Public John Q
(City of San Diego Only)
*This is a:
(xxx) xxx-xxxx
I hereby give authorization to the City of San Diego Office of Homeland Security to add my unlisted/non-published telephone number into the Reverse 911® database:
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For additional information, please contact [email protected].

Privacy Notice and Disclaimer

The City of San Diego, California will not share or distribute personal information gathered by this form and will use it solely for the purpose of providing Community Emergency notifications. Your information is submitted over a secure, encrypted connection for your protection.

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