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In Fiscal Year 2015, Mayor Faulconer announced the new San Diego Works program to challenge employees, labor organizations, and management to collaborate and submit cost-saving and operational streamlining ideas that would result in additional funding for neighborhood reinvestment. The initiative offered City employees rewards and recognition for outstanding proposals that would save money or allow for enhanced services to taxpayers.

Over 550 employees submitted over 250 San Diego Works proposals. Over 100 proposals were approved, representing a total of about $1.3 million in average annual net savings over the period from Fiscal Year 2016 through Fiscal Year 2021. Performance & Analytics will continue to work with departments to monitor and assist with implementation of the approved proposals.

5/20/15 PDF icon San Diego Works Budget & Government Efficiency Committee Presentation and Video
8/13/14 Watch Mayor Faulconer's Video Message
8/7/14 PDF icon San Diego Works Council Meeting Presentation
8/5/14 PDF icon Mayor Faulconer Press Release
8/5/14 Watch the Press Conference


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