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Parking Permits And Fees

There is a maximum limit of one permit for non-resident property owners and qualifying commercial property address during a permit year. The cost of each permit is $14.00. Temporary permits which are valid for 2 weeks can be purchased for $12.00 each while your application is being processed. All fees are non-refundable.

Vehicle Decal

A permit that is issued to a specific vehicle and is affixed to the rear bumper or outside the rear windshield.

Visitor Placard

An optional placard that is displayed on the dashboard of a guest's vehicle is also available and does not require copy of driver's license information. There is a limit to one per qualifying address and not available to commercial properties. This permit is valid only when displayed within the same block as the address noted on the placard.

Temporary Permit

Residents, non-resident property owners, and commercial property tenants may obtain two-week temporary permits throughout the year (limit two). Each permit is issued to specific vehicle or to the qualifying address at the cost of $12.00.

Replacement Permit

There is a $13.00 replacement fee for lost or stolen permits and left on vehicles that have been sold. Please allow three weeks for processing replacement permits.

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