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Philanthropy Center Frequently Asked Questions

Are the City of San Diego and each of its departments, divisions, programs, commissions and facilities legally qualified charitable beneficiaries?

What is the City of San Diego's Federal Tax Identification Number?

How can I find out whether the City is interested in what I'd like to donate?

What does the City accept as a charitable donation?

Will I receive a receipt for my donation that may be used when I file my income taxes?

May I designate a single department, division, program, commission or facility as the beneficiary of my donation?

How do I directly contact one of the City's departments, divisions, programs, commissions or facilities to learn about its particular interests in charitable support?

Can a single donation be allocated to more than one City department, division, program, commission and facility?

Does the City make available public recognition for donations, if I wish to have my donation publicized?

Will the City immediately spend the entire donation that I make, or does it reserve some of it for future use?

Does the City make available charitable life income plans?

How do I get more information about making a charitable donation to the City?


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