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Benefits for Your Lifetime

Donations that Pay Income to You, Your Spouse, Your Heirs

As part of its portfolio of charitable donation plans, the City makes available flexible strategies for both

  • providing an annual income for you to use in any way you wish, or you may designate another person to receive the income for her/him to use in any fashion that the person desires, and
  • providing a valuable contribution in support of our on-going commitment to strengthening the community.

Called charitable life income plans, these donation strategies may pay out the income for a period of years, or for the lifetime of the person who is designated to receive the annual income. It's even permissible to delay the beginning of the income stream until a time when it benefits for you, or for a person(s) you designate as the income beneficiary(ies). Such structuring of your donation potentially could be a helpful way to enhance your, or your designee's, retirement planning.

The City's Philanthropy Planning professional with expertise in such contribution strategies is available to provide you with information and alternatives that correspond to your particular, personal interests.

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