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It's Your Choice

We Welcome a Broad Range of Assets to Fund Your Donation

The City invites donations of many kinds of valuable property. In addition to cash, we seek contributions such as:

  • publicly traded appreciated stock
  • debt securities
  • (including U.S. Treasury securities, corporate bonds, notes receivable)
  • life insurance
  • tangible personal property (including works of art, precious jewelry, antiques)
  • real estate (including undeveloped land and agricultural acreage, easements, residences, buildings)
  • patent rights, copy rights
  • partnership interests
  • rare coins and precious metals
  • rare editions of books
  • trust deeds
  • gems
  • retirement plans

Opportunities That Suit Your Timing

You can take advantage of the City's enormous capacities and flexibility in deciding whether you wish to make your donation:

  • Right away, or
  • Through your estate (often called a charitable "legacy,"), or
  • As part of your annual, year-end income tax planning.

In all instances, the City's philanthropy professionals are available to make sure that you are successful in achieving the timing that works best for you.

What's Your Style? We Can Tailor a Plan to Fit You

Your intention for your charitable donation can be realized within the City's diverse universe of departments, divisions, programs, services, commissions, facilities and priorities. If it's your interest to have your contribution immediately spent in its entirety to generally strengthen our community, the City can easily facilitate this.

Do you have in mind something special, or a particular program, or need for which you wish the City to use your donation? We can dedicate, or designate, the use of your contribution consistent with your thought and use the entirety of the gift in support of the particular purpose you have chosen.

Or, the City can also create a longer-term donation framework that fits your style: An Endowment.

When you indicate your desire to have the donation administered as an endowment, the City will set aside the principal amount of the gift. This can be for a few years, or for a moderate term of years, or even permanently such that your original gift will not be spent - the term is up to you.

The principal will be invested by the City, and the annual realized earnings from the investment will be used for community priorities. You may design the endowment to direct that the earnings should be used for the support of general community purposes. Or, you may direct the earnings to support one special purpose, or even a couple of special purposes, that you believe best fulfill your intention in making the donation.


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