Appointments and Committees

June 2013

Appointments and Committees (two year terms)


Robert McDowell (June 2013)
John Mooney (June 2013)

Dottie Surdi (June 2013) Alternate

Guy Preuss, Skyline/Paradise Hills (June 2013)

Richard House (June 2013) Alternate

Jeff Barfield, Clairemont (June 2013) subject to confirmation by Mayor


Ad Hoc CPC Subcommittees:

North Park (June 2013)

Southeastern (June 2013)

Rancho Penasquitos (June 2013)

Mission Beach (June 2013)

Rancho Bernardo (June 2013)

Uptown (June 2013)

Serra Mesa (June 2013)

City Heights (June 2013)