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The Community Plan Updates

A community plan provides plans and policies to guide future community development. Community plans typically address community issues such as the local street and transit network; distinctive environmental characteristics; community landmarks; location, prioritization and provision of public facilities; community urban design guidelines; and identification of gateways. Together with the City of San Diego General Plan, community plans seek to guide future growth and development to achieve citywide and community level goals.

Because the plans for both Old Town San Diego and Midway/Pacific Highway Corridor are more than 20 years old, they need to be updated to reflect current conditions and the long-term vision for each community. In March 2008, the City Council authorized the update to the Midway/Pacific Highway Community Plan and the Old Town San Diego Community Plan . The update process will ensure that the plans are consistent with the City’s General Plan, and will include corresponding amendments to the zoning program and City of San Diego Local Coastal Program.

About the Communities

For more information about each community, please see the community profiles:


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