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Studies & Technical Reports

A number of technical reports and planning studies and are being conducted as part of the effort to update the community plans. These documents will help develop alternatives for consideration. Links to these documents are below.

In addition, a number of planning efforts and studies have been conducted over the last several years that will help inform the updates to the Old Town San Diego and Midway/Pacific Highway Corridor Community Plans. These include the existing community plans, and a number of studies and reports that involved extensive participation by community representatives, City staff, and consultant teams over the years. Links to the existing community plans and other planning documents are below.


Midway-Pacific Highway and Old Town  Mobility Report

Midway Pacific Highway Corridor Community Plan Update - Public Workshop (October 8, 2012)

Old Town San Diego Community Plan Update - Public Workshop (Sept. 17, 2012)

Land Use and Urban Design Concepts

Land Use and Urban Design Existing Conditions Documents

Technical Studies

Economic Analysis

Current Community-Specific Plans

Midway Pacific Highway Urban Greening Plan

The Midway Pacific Highway Urban Greening Plan is funded by a California Strategic Growth Council grant. The Urban Greening Plan relays on much of the work that has already been done through the community plan update process with a targeted focus on urban greening. Overall, the Urban Greening Plan's purpose is to improve mobility and comfort in the Midway Pacific Highway Corridor community for pedestrians, bicyclists and transit users by making changes to the right of way such as adding green spaces that incorporate storm water improvements and wayfinding signage, and improving pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

Incorporated in to Urban Greening Plan will be a street tree master plan and plant palette for the community, recommended improvements related to storm water, mobility, public health and climate change, concept plans for the key corridors in the community and conceptual designs for a top priority urban greening project for the area

The last community workshop was held on September 16, 2015.

The following are display boards presented at the workshop:

Past Studies and Planning Efforts

Extensive participation by community representatives, City staff, and consultant teams over the past five years have resulted in numerous studies and other related documents which remain relevant, and will be contributory to the plan updates. These studies/documents are identified below:

Rosecrans Corridor Mobility Study (2009-2010)

The Rosecrans Corridor Mobility Study was a nine month project to identify needed transportation improvements within the Rosecrans corridor. The plan addresses pedestrian access, bicycle facilities and accessibility, transit operations and facilities and traffic flow.

Midway Community Plan Amendment (2004-2006)

The Midway Community Plan Amendment was undertaken in 2004 at the direction of the City Council to eliminate the Bay-to-Bay linkage from the Midway/Pacific Highway Corridor Community Plan. Due to various circumstances the amendment was not completed. Maps and materials were produced as part of the public participation process.

Sports Arena Ad-Hoc Committee Report (2005)

An Ad Hoc Committee was formed to provide recommendations for the future of the Sports Arena area and surrounding publicly-owned land. The committee, which was comprised of various community representatives appointed by the Councilmember, passed 23 motions, which are described in the PDF icon Sports Arena Ad-Hoc Committee Report .

North Bay Conceptual Plan (2004)

The North Bay Association funded and facilitated the preparation of the PDF icon North Bay Conceptual Plan . The process involved extensive community participation and resulted in architectural and landscape design guidelines.

San Diego/North Bay Station Area Planning (2004)

A series of workshops were held and a PDF icon conceptual sketch plan was developed by Calthorpe Associates for transit-oriented development opportunities surrounding the Old Town Transit Station.

Bay-to-Bay Feasibility Study (2003)

The PDF icon Bay-to-Bay Feasibility Study was conducted to analyze the bay-to-bay water canal linkage, as recommended in the Midway/Pacific Highway Corridor Community Plan. The study assessed land use, environmental, and economic constraints and opportunities associated with implementing the concept canal linkage through the community. The study determined that the implementation of the canal linkage was not economically feasible.

Old Town Visitor -Oriented Parking Study (2002)

The Old Town Visitor-Oriented Parking Study (PDF) provided an assessment of existing parking supply and demand conditions, while estimating future parking demand conditions and determining the extent of parking deficiencies. The study also provided alternatives to mitigate deficiencies such as a conceptual analysis of potential parking program costs and financing techniques.

Citywide Documents and Information


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