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The San Ysidro Community Planning Area

The San Ysidro Planning Area encompasses approximately 1,863 acres bounded by the Otay Mesa-Nestor community and State Highway 905 in the north, the Tijuana River Valley in the west, Otay Mesa community in the east, and the international border with Mexico in the south.

Project Description

The City of San Diego City Planning & Community Investment Department is embarking on a comprehensive update of the San Ysidro community plan; and corresponding amendments to the San Ysidro Redevelopment Project Area Plan, existing zoning program, and City San Diego Local Coastal Program.

The general purpose of the community plan update is to reflect current conditions and the long-term vision for the community. The goals of the community update process will be: to ensure consistency between the community's land use policies with the General Plan, the infrastructure strategy, and the redevelopment strategy; to apply appropriate zoning that is consistent with plan policies; to prepare a master or program Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that evaluates cumulative impacts; and to establish community specific policies that are organized and formatted to compliment the general Plan and its elements:

  • Land Use (including Housing) and Community Planning
  • Urban Design
  • Public Facilities, Services and Safety
  • Economic Prosperity
  • Mobility
  • Conservation
  • Noise
  • Historic Preservation
  • Recreation
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