Greater Golden Hill Current Community Plan


The Greater Golden Hill Community Plan was adopted by the City Council on April 5, 1988; and amended by the Council on Oct. 30, 1989, and June 19, 1990.

This community plan document can be viewed from the links below.  To purchase a hard copy of this community plan or one of our other planning documents, visit the City Clerk’s Office at 202 C St., second floor, in downtown San Diego; or call City Clerk’s at (619) 533-4000. 

  • PDF icon Full Version
  • PDF icon Table of Contents - This section also includes the Introduction and Plan Summary.
  • Plan Elements:
    • PDF icon Section 1 - This section includes Residential and Urban Design.
    • PDF icon Section 2 - section includes Planned District, Historical/Architectural Preservation and Commercial
    • PDF icon Transportation
    • PDF icon Section 3 - This section includes Parks and Recreation, Open Space, Community Facilities, Social Service and Environmental Quality and Conservation.
    • PDF icon Implementation - This section also includes the General Plan Conformance.

Golden Hill Planned District (Implementing Regulations)

Municipal Code, Chapter 15, Planned Districts

Other Planning Documents