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Vernal Pool Habitat Conservation Plan


The City of San Diego Vernal Pool Habitat Conservation Plan (VPHCP) is intended to provide an effective framework to protect, enhance, and restore vernal pool resources within the City of San Diego, while improving and streamlining the environmental permitting process for impacts to threatened and endangered species associated with vernal pools. The VPHCP would provide coverage for threatened and endangered vernal pool species that do not currently have federal coverage under the City of San Diego's Multiple Species Conservation Program Subarea Plan. The VPHCP would be compatible with the MSCP and expand upon the City's existing Multi-Habitat Planning Area to conserve additional lands with vernal pool resources. The VPHCP covered species includes the following seven threatened and endangered species: 

  • Otay Mesa mint (Pogogyne nudiuscula, PONU)
  • San Diego Mesa mint (Pogogyne abramsii, POAB)
  • Spreading navarretia (Navarretia fossalis, NAFO)
  • San Diego button-celery (Eryngium aristulatum var. parishii, ERAR)
  • California Orcutt grass (Orcuttia californica, ORCA)
  • Riverside fairy shrimp (Streptocephalus woottoni, RFS)
  • San Diego fairy shrimp (Branchinecta sandiegonensis, SDFS)

The City has coordinated closely with the Wildlife Agencies and consultants on the preparation of the VPHCP as well as taking into consideration input provided by the public. See links below for the Final VPHCP, Final EIR/EIS, Vernal Pool Management and Monitoring Plan (VPMMP) and associated amendments.


Link to Final EIR/EIS for the VPHCP and VPMMP:

Vernal Pool Interactive Mapping

The draft VPHCP interactive map was prepared to provide interested parties the ability to obtain detailed information about vernal pools and the preservation areas through the use of a GIS web map. The map does not contain any information or data that does not exist in the Draft VPHCP document. Refer to the draft document as an alternative format.

To navigate the map, use the search box to enter an address or zoom and pan the map with a mouse or by using the +/- controls on the map.

To bring up more detailed information about the map features, use a left mouse click on the feature(s) of choice. If multiple features exist at the same location, use the Left (<) and Right (>) arrows located at the top of the information window to toggle through the details of each feature.

Refer to the PDF icon Vernal Pool Species Data Glossary for descriptions of the vernal pool species abbreviations and attribute values used in the map data.

All of the features on the map are preliminary draft and subject to revision.

Access the Vernal Pool Interactive Map here.

Vernal Pool HCP Public Workshops

The Vernal Pool HCP Public Workshops were an opportunity for the public to inform the HCP planning process as well as provide important input on locations and quality of vernal pool resources.

Vernal Pool Preserve Workshop -- Aug. 30, 2012

Vernal Pool Preserve Workshop -- March 15, 2012

Vernal Pools Meeting -- Dec. 12, 2011

Vernal Pool Preserve Workshop -- Jan. 14, 2011

To provide comments for consideration on any of the draft documents, please e-mail [email protected]


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