San Diego

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Chief's Advisory Board Liaison

Lt. Chris Knighten African-American/African [email protected]
Sgt. Vernon Peterson African-American/African [email protected]
Off. Homayoun Nabizadeh Arab-American [email protected]
Sgt. Jonathan Lowe Disabled [email protected]
Lt. Evan Ziegler Jewish [email protected]
Det. David Abrams Jewish [email protected]
Off. Jonathan Zimmerman Jewish [email protected]
Sgt. Manny Del Toro Latino [email protected]
Lt. Ernesto Servin Latino [email protected]
Lt. Jerome McManus Pacific Islander/Asian [email protected]
Sgt. Al Ambito Pacific Islander/Asian [email protected]
Sgt. Lem Sainsanoy Pacific Islander/Asian [email protected]
Sgt. Daniel Meyer LGBT [email protected]
Off. Christine Garcia Transgender Liaison [email protected]


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