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Vehicle Stop Study

In order to investigate what is often termed "racial profiling" in the national discussion about the use and abuse of police authority, the San Diego Police Department initiated data collection on all vehicle stops in January, 2000 when officers began completing "stop cards." The Department enlisted independent researchers to assist with the analysis. We also formed a community advisory board to provide extensive input into the study. A preliminary report on the first six months of data was issued in September 2000. Data for 2000 was issued in May of 2001. This report presents analysis on the second full year of data collection, January through December 2001, representing over 120,000 vehicle stops. Our press release of the analysis is also published here.

Responses to the report from the Urban League, the ACLU, the San Diego NAACP, and the Latino Unity Coalition can be reviewed at the ACLU of San Diego web site (www.aclusandiego.org).

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