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Gang activities constitute not only a serious problem in the community but a great danger to your child. Children who are gang members will become criminals or likely victims of gang violence. If you see signs that your child is becoming involved with gangs, you need to act immediately to deal with the problem and get help if necessary.

The warning signs of gang involvement include the following: lack of interest in school, fights, changes in hairstyle and dress, changes in friends, tattoos, nicknames, graffiti on clothing and personal items, changes in personality, staying out late at night, hanging out with known gang members and in known gang areas, possession of more money, etc. Additional information on gang awareness is available at your local SDPD Storefront or Satellite Office. Presentations to groups of parents can be arranged by calling the SDPD Gang Unit at (619) 531-2847.

Parents whose children show signs of gang involvement or other problems need to take firm control of the situation. They need to reassert their involvement and control over their children's activities, dress, friends, and finances. If help is needed, it is available from many community organizations. Some of those that offer counseling and diversion programs are listed below:

• Barrio Station (619) 238-0314
• Casa Familiar (619) 428-1115
• Harmonium (858) 566-5740
• Metro United Methodist Urban Ministry (619) 805-5526
• Ralph Bunche Youth Center (619) 527-0171
• Safe San Diego (858) 565-4148
• San Diego Urban League (619) 263-3115
• Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) (619) 283-9624
• South Bay Community Services (619) 420-3620
• Union of Pan Asian Communities (619) 232-6454
• YMCA PRYDE Program (619) 281-8313
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