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Seat Belt Safety

Illustration of people wearing safety belts

In this lesson you will learn how to ride in a car safely.

San Diego is a very busy city and people are always in a hurry to get where they are going. The fastest way to get where they are going is to ride in a car. Almost everyone rides in a car in the City of San Diego. Cars are very important to us, but they can also be very dangerous. Every year almost one hundred people are killed in car crashes in San Diego. Many of these people would not have died if they obeyed the number one safety rule for riding in a car. The number one safety rule is ALWAYS WEAR A SEAT BELT. Seat belts save lives.

You should always wear your own seat belt when you are riding in a car. A seat belt will not work properly if you share a seat belt with someone else. A lot of children have been hurt in car crashes because they were riding on someone's lap, so you should never sit on someone's lap while riding in a car.

Many of today's cars also have an air bag. Air bags help to keep adults safe when there is a crash. The air bag comes out of the dash to keep a passenger from getting hurt. Air bags come out of the dash very fast and can be dangerous for small children. If you are under 13 years old the safest place for you to ride in a car is in the back seat, with your seat belt buckled.

If you have a little brother or sister who is under four years old, they should always ride in a special car seat because they are too small to wear a seat belt. Sometimes little brothers and sisters who ride in a car seat do not like to stay in the seat. They cry and try to crawl out of the seat. You can help your mother or father by sitting next to your little brother or sister who is in a car seat. You can feed them snacks,talk to them, or play games. If you do this, they will be happier and stay in the car seat.

Sometimes the driver of a car gets very busy and forgets to put on his or her seat belt. You should remind them to wear their seat belt. You can be a Safety Sam seat belt monitor. A Safety Sam seat belt Monitor is someone who reminds everybody in the car to put on their seat belt.

In California there is a law that says everybody who rides in a car must wear a seat belt. If you do not wear a seat belt, the driver of the car could get a ticket. The driver of the car would not be happy if he or she got a ticket because you did not wear your seat belt.

It is not safe to fight or argue with your brother or sister while riding in a car. If the driver of the car has to turn around to tell you to stop fighting, the driver can not watch the road and might crash.

When you obey these safety rules, you will be safer when you ride in a car.

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