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Bicycle Safety

Illustration of a bicycle crash

This lesson will teach you about riding your bike safely.

Riding a bicycle is a lot of fun, but it can also be very dangerous. Every year hundreds of children are hurt or killed in bicycle crashes because they did not obey safety rules.

The number one safety rule for riding a bike is ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET. You should always wear a helmet when you ride your bike. If you fall over and hit your head on the ground without a helmet, you could be seriously hurt. If you hit your head hard enough, you could injure your brain and forget everything that you know or possibly die. You should always wear your helmet properly. If you do not wear it properly, the helmet may not protect you. A helmet should fit snug and level on your head. The chin strap should be snug under your chin and the front of the helmet should not be more that one inch above your eyebrows. There is a law in California that says that anyone under 18 years old must wear a helmet when riding a bike. If a police officer sees you riding your bike without a helmet, you could get a ticket.

Bicycle riders must obey the same driving rules as a car. A bicycle has to stop at stop signs and red lights. A bicycle has to ride on the right side of the road close to the curb. A bicycle must also stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk.

It is not safe to ride a bicycle at night because it is hard for the driver of a car to see you. It is also hard for you to see at night. If you must ride your bike at night, make sure that you have an adult with you. You should wear light colored clothing and your bike must have reflectors and a headlight.

It is very important to keep your bike in good working condition. Every few months you should have an adult check your bike. They should check for loose wheels, flat tires, a loose chain and missing reflectors. If your bike has a loose wheel or a flat tire, you could lose control and crash. If your pants get caught in a loose chain, you would not be able use your brakes. When your bike has reflectors, it is easier for a driver to see you. When you properly maintain your bike, it will be safer to ride and it will last longer.

When you obey these safety rules, you will have fun riding your bike and you be safe while doing it.