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Pedestrian Safety

Image of a boyImage of a boy

A pedestrian is someone who walks, so this lesson will teach you safety rules for walking across a street.

Before you cross any roadway you should always STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN. You should stop at the edge of the road before crossing and look both ways to see if a vehicle is coming. Sometimes you can not see a car, motorcycle or fire truck coming but you can hear it, so you should also listen before you begin to cross the street. You should always cross the street from a location were drivers can see you clearly. You should never step out into the street from between parked cars because a driver can not see you. You should always walk when you cross the street because if you run, you may trip and fall. If your parents, older brother or sister is nearby, it is smart to ask them to help you cross the street.

The safest place to cross the street is at the corner or in a crosswalk. A lot of crosswalks have a special light that tells you when it is safe to enter the crosswalk. You should always obey this light. It is safe to enter the crosswalk when you see the picture of a man walking , or the word "WALK". If you see a red hand, or the words "DON'T WALK", you should not enter the crosswalk. If the crosswalk does not have a special pedestrian light, then you should obey the car traffic light. A red light means STOP and a green light means GO. You should not enter the crosswalk on a yellow light. You should always stop, look, and listen before entering a crosswalk even if the light shows that it is safe to cross. You should look to make sure that the cars are stopping for you.

You just learned some important pedestrian safety rules. If you do not obey these rules, you may be hit by a car, and a police officer can give you a ticket. Please obey these pedestrian safety rules.

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