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Stranger Danger

This lesson will teach you about strangers.

A stranger is someone that you do not know. Not all strangers are bad people, but you can not tell if they are bad just by looking at them. Even people who look nice can be dangerous, so you should never talk to strangers. Some strangers hurt and even steal children from their parents. Other strangers might try to give you drugs, alcohol or something that is bad for you. You should never trust a stranger. You should always tell your parents or the police when a stranger tries to get you to do something that is not safe.

If you are walking home from school and a stranger stops and wants to give you a ride home, you should yell, "NO!" and run away.

If you are playing in a park and a stranger comes over to you and wants you to pet a little puppy, you should say "No!" and run away.

If a stranger offers to give you candy, you should say "No!" and run away.

Some day you might get lost or separated from your parents. This is a very scary thing to happen because all the people around you are strangers. If this happens, you should try to find a police officer to help you or a telephone to call 911. If you can not find an officer or a telephone, go into a nearby store and ask someone who works in the store for help. They will help you and it is safer than asking a stranger on the street for help.

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