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When Carrying a Purse or Wallet

  • Before you go out make a list of the entire contents of your purse or wallet. Include all card account numbers and phone numbers to call to report a lost or stolen card. Keep a copy at home.
  • Carry only a driver's license, cash, and one credit card. Don't carry anything with a PIN or password written on it. Don't carry blank checks or a checkbook.
  • Don't carry your Social Security card or anything with your Social Security number on it. Persons with Medicare cards should carry photocopies of the cards with the last four digits of their Social Security number removed. Keep the card is a safe place at home.
  • Don't carry personal information of your family members.
  • Avoid carrying a purse if possible. Wear a money pouch instead.
  • Carry a purse with a shoulder strap if you must. Keep the strap over your shoulder, the flap next to your body, and your hand on the strap. Hang the purse diagonally across your body.
  • When wearing a coat and carrying a purse, conceal the strap and purse under the coat.
  • Keep a tight grip on your purse. Don't let it hang loose or leave it on a counter in a store.
  • Carry your wallet, keys, and other valuables in an inside or front pants pocket, a fanny pack, or other safe place. Don't carry a wallet in a back pocket.
  • Never put your purse or wallet on a counter while shopping.
  • Don't fight for your purse if someone tries to take it by force. Your safety comes first.
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