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Third-Party Telephone Bill Charges

This telemarketing scam involves the sale of some kind of service.  The caller gets you to say “yes” to some question and then mails you information about the service.  The mailing looks like junk mail and the caller hopes you will throw it away without reading it because it says that you have some period of time to cancel the service.  When you fail to reply, a monthly service fee is added to your phone bill.  If you dispute the fee the caller will produce an edited version of the phone conversation in which you agreed to receive information about the service and pay the monthly fees.  To avoid the resulting problems you should do the following:

  • Hang up immediately on any unsolicited callers.  Don’t get involved in a conversation.  And never say “yes” to any question.
  • Open all mail, even if it looks like junk mail.  There might be something you need to do to prevent being billed for some service you didn’t request or don’t need.
  • Examine your phone bill for third-party charges.  Don’t pay any that you did not authorized and report them immediately to the phone company.
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