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Lost Person with Alzheimer's Disease

After calling 911 to report a lost or found person, call the Alzheimer's Association's MedicAlert + Safe Return Program 24-hour Hotline at (800) 625-3780. Your call will activate a community response team that will: (1) notify other law enforcement agencies, hospitals, transportation modes, the media, and other organizations, as appropriate; (2) provide support to the family; (3) provide new information to law enforcement agencies as available; and (4) notify all agencies when the person is found. To enroll a person in MedicAlert and obtain identification for the person to wear you can call (800) 432-5378 or visit its website at www.medicalert.org.

The person should also be enrolled in the Take Me Home (TMH) Registry maintained by the San Diego Sheriff's Department. There is no cost for enrollment. To enroll a person you would do the following: (1) call the San Diego/Imperial Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association at (858) 492-4400 to obtain a registration form, (2) fill out the form, and (3) return the completed form with a photo, if one is available, to the Chapter. The Chapter will then upload the information in the TMH Registry where it will be available to all law enforcement agencies in the County. In reporting a lost person, be sure to tell the dispatcher that the person is enrolled in the TMH Registry.

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