San Diego

Accessibility Tools

At Work

  • Keep all doors locked during office/business hours except those designated for public use.  Some employees or security guards should be located to monitor each public entrance.  Post signs to indicate areas that are open to the public and those that are for employee access only.  Emergency exits should be alarmed and marked for emergency use only.
  • Keep all doors locked if you work after hours.  Never open them to any strangers.
  • Keep public restrooms locked or under observation.
  • Lock up your purse and other valuables when you leave your office or workplace.
  • Don't open the office/business alone, if possible.  One employee should remain outside while the other checks inside to make sure it is safe to enter.  It is also better to have two employees present when the office/business is being closed for the day.
  • Don't make bank deposits alone, if possible.  Vary deposit time, route, and method of concealing the money.  Carry the money in a purse or plain bag; never use a bank bag.  Make deposits during the business day, not after closing time.
  • Don't take out trash alone, if possible.  Check outside first to make sure that there are no suspicious people near the door or trash bin.  Keep the area well lighted and clear of any objects that could provide hiding places. 
  • Call the SDPD or the alarm company to verify any report of a break-in and request to come to your office/business.  
  • Be familiar with the emergency procedures and alarms in your office/business.

In any confrontation with a criminal:

  • Be calm and follow instructions exactly.  Don’t make any sudden moves.
  • Don't risk your personal safety.  Don't resist and try to be a hero.
  • Consider all guns as loaded weapons
  • Activate alarms and alert co-workers only if you can do so without being detected.
  • Observe the criminal's features, clothing, behavior, means of escape, etc. without being obvious about it.  Being a good witness is critical in helping the police to locate and arrest the criminal.
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